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About Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai

The Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai is one of the six Regional Centres of India Meteorological Department. This Centre was established in April 1945 for providing weather related services to the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat excluding Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State. The centre is also responsible for the monitoring of tropical cyclone formation in Arabian Sea and cyclone warning work. Cyclone warning work is carried out by Area Cyclone Warning Centre Mumbai and Cyclone Warning Centre Ahmedabad.

Our Activities

        Forecasting Services

  • Cyclone Warning Services for Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat states and Arabian Sea.

  • Services to Aviation.

  • Services for Shipping & Fisheries, and Ports.

  • Inland Warning Services to District revenue, Irrigation, Railway.

  • Services to Public by issue of weather bulletins and warnings.

  • Services to Agriculture and Farmers.

  • Hydrometeorological and Flood Forecasting Services.

  • Supply of Meteorological data to members of public, Government Agencies and Industries for research and planning.

  • Other Activities
  • Establish Meteorological observatories.

  • Analyse and interpret meteorological observations and issue forecasts.

  • Scrutinise and process observational data for climatological archives.


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