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Real-time runs of Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF ) model Version 3.1 with 00Z & 12Z initialization are generated daily at Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai. The details of the model configuration are given below:-





Dynamical Core


Domain Details

Nested run, 2 domains

Central Lat/Lon

D01: 19N/73.5E ; D02: 18.9N/72.3E

No. of grids

D01: 161 x 164 ( 12.5-25.5N/67-80E)

D02:  106 x 106 ( 17.4-20.4N/70.8-73.8E)

Horizontal Resolution

9km , 3km

Vertical Levels

38 levels

Forecast Length

48 hours

Time-step for integration

45 secs

Simulation runtime

120 mins ( 4 processors)

Geo data resolution

5m ; 2m

Initial and Boundary Conditions

GFS grib data from NCEP at 0.5 degree resolution every 6 hours

Model Top

50 hpa

Cumulus Option

Grell Devenyi Ensemble

Micro Physics Scheme

WRF Single Moment 3-class Simple Ice

Long Wave Radiation Scheme

Rapid Radiative Transfer Model ( RRTM)

Short Wave Radiation Scheme

Dudhia Scheme

Surface Layer Option

Monin- Obhukhov Similarity Scheme

Land Surface Option

Noah Land Surface Model ( 4 layers)

PBL Scheme

YSU Scheme


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