(To be signed by the party receiving meteorological data of the

India Meteorological Department)

It is certified that:

  1. The data supplied by India Meteorological Department will be used only for the purpose for which it has been asked and supplied.

  2. The data are meant exclusively for our own use and shall not be passed on to any other party or agency (Indian or foreign) either in part or in full. If so needed, prior approval in writing will be taken from India Meteorological Department for the same.

  3. The data shall not be used for commercial purpose or to earn consultancy fees, honoraria etc.

  4. Due acknowledgement shall be given to India Meteorological Department for the source of data in all reports/ publications etc. brought out by us.

  5. If India Meteorological Department is involved in any manner in any court case based on production of this document, the entire expenditure on travel, D.A. etc. of an Officer is to be borne by us.

  6. The data supplied by this Office will not be put on Internet or Nicnet or will not be transmitted through any electronic media.


Station:                                                                                       Signature and Name of

Date:                                                                                    Head of the Office/Department


                                                                                          (Stamp/Seal of the Office/Dept.)